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Transformed Desire-The Sudject out of Consciousness


Transformed Desire-The Subject out of consciousness is composed of a total of 30 paintings focusing on unpublished artworks and works from 2007 up to now. Park Jung Sun, the artist who has been using enamel paint and spray paint over 10 years and has been developing a manner of his own paintings tries to approach a look of basic desire and transforming desire beyond the actual concepts with a personal view by using surrounded images.


His works known as the works of a paint artist or dripping artist in domestic and foreign public show a new picture which is thought of as opposite and coexistence of a dual structure such as consciousness and unconsciousness, abstraction and conception, truth and illusion, everyday and unfamiliar affairs, past and present, creation and extinction, and the opposite sex and androgyny.


These pictures break ordinary and familiar images up. And they are combined on basis manufactured in an automatism way of unconsciousness. By this way of producing a new and unfamiliar picture, the actual, unsafe figure of the artist being in blurred distinctions of consciousness and unconsciousness is revealed itself. The images revealed in this process are the expression of the desire. And the illusions revealed like a freeze-frame always support the desire. The dreams and illusions intend to tell the desire in the shape of images. Therefore, images are the revelation of unconsciousness and the artist talk about the desire and ultimate fears through these images.


                                                                                                       BAEWOON GALLERY / Curator

                                                                                                                                     Y. Y. NOH