"TRANSFORMED DESIRE-WOMAN"  35.8"x 28.6", Enamel and lacquer paint on canvas, 2010

  Park, Jung-Sun
received both his BFA and MFA in Incheon University
  in Korea. Later on he continued his studies in the Hongik University in Seoul,
  Korea where he received his Ph.D. Park has been a participant in many group
  and individual exhibitions, most recently exhibiting in Insa Art Center and in
  Gallery Kyunghyang in Korea. He has also had his work displayed in various
  Art Fairs including BlueDot Asia 2009 in Seoul and Art Zone in Beijing.

  He writes that he chooses, transforms, and reconstructs these symbols and
  images of desire from usual mass media such as internet or magazine. 

The technique that he applies in his art is especially interesting, he uses tools like O.H.P. film to initially transform
and reconstruct excerpted images that is expressed in 2nd-degree screen (or 3rd-degree screen for a halftone), contrasting light and darkness clearly. In his paintings the viewer is faced with a duality and the coexistence of the conscious and sub-conscious.